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The Importance of correct Barometric Altimeter Setting

Aircraft Cockpit
The importance of correct barometric altimeter setting

As Aviation Professionals, we cannot stress enough the importance of the latest EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency Safety Information Bulletin related to Incorrect Barometric Altimeter Setting. This bulletin highlights the dangers of incorrect altimeter settings and the risks it poses to aviation safety.

It is a known fact that altitude measurements are critical to safe aviation operations. A minor error in the altimeter setting can lead to significant errors in altitude readings, which can ultimately result in accidents, and these events happen! Most of the time, they are noticed early on by the crew (sometimes thanks to aircraft systems integration and automatic alerting systems, but also thanks to CRM and strong monitoring skills), but sometimes, they remain unnoticed (and still too often unreported). Even though most FDM systems would probably catch these events reactively, it is also important to keep in mind that many commercially-operated aircraft are not FDM-equipped today (less than 27T MTOW), and when this is combined with other hazards such as marginal weather conditions, fatigue, high workload, technical issues, communication issues, etc., it can quickly lead to a very dangerous situation.

The EASA SIB emphasizes the need for pilots (through operators) to pay close attention to the barometric altimeter setting and to verify it against the latest available information, as well as to adhere to standard ATC phraseology among other recommendations.

As aviation professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are up to date with the latest safety information and procedures. We must take the necessary steps to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of our passengers and crew.

Let us all take the EASA Safety Information Bulletin seriously and keep our aviation operations safe!

Link to the EASA SIB (2023-03):

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