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Strategic Partnerships: Aetheris & CLIMAX Aviation

At CLIMAX Aviation, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation, excellence, and unparalleled service in the aviation sector.


Therefore, we have established a strategic partnership with Aetheris, a leading aviation consulting firm renowned for its expertise in legal and safety domains.

Our Collaborative Edge:

  • Safety Management Services (SMS): Enhanced by Aetheris's legal insights, offering comprehensive support from implementation to emergency response planning.s are always a step ahead.

  • Training Excellence: Combining our safety expertise with Aetheris's legal acumen, we deliver top-tier pilot and crisis management training.

  • Innovative Solutions: Together, we're developing cutting-edge tech solutions addressing the industry's legal and safety challenges.

  • Legal Mastery: With Aetheris, we navigate the complexities of aviation law, from EASA appeals to corporate legalities, ensuring our client

This partnership reflects our commitment to excellence, safety, and the continuous growth of our services.

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