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Are you ready to board an airline flight with only one pilot?

There have been a lot of vivid reactions within the aviation industry recently, as it appears that certain aviation regulatory agencies (including EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency), airlines and aircraft manufacturers are considering introducing #SinglePilot operations in commercial aviation.

I am not making any formal statement on the matter, nor do I consider having enough expertise about all the ins and outs, but I do understand that this kind of announcements is raising a lot of questions and concerns within the Aviation Safety community.

What I do sincerely hope, is that all the stakeholders involved will take all the elements into considerations, and that whatever the outcome of these considerations will be, #Safety of passengers, crews and staff will prevail.

Let's just remember that, even though the debate is totally justified from a human factors & safety perspective, single pilot operation has been around for quite some time already... Many "small" commuter aircraft in the US (some of which are also Single Engine by the way, something that also caused a lot of debates a few years ago) are operated with passengers sitting in the back, whose lives are as important as those flying on larger airliners. Of course, technology and redundancy on board modern jets is one of the most important arguments used today to justify the possibility to introduce single pilot operations. But it is also important to remember that many business jets in the market are already certified to operate single pilot, even though this is not allowed for commercial operations (in Europe) at this time...

Again, whatever the outcome of the debates, safety must prevail.

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